For people who seek adventure and extraordinary activities, there are a lot of adventure activities in Dubai like water activities. Water activities are perfect for people who seek an adrenaline shot. There are a lot of water activities in Dubai like Scuba diving, windsurfing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, and flyboarding. One of the best adventure activities in Dubai is zip lining, XLine Dubai Marina is the fastest, longest zipline in the world. Sky diving is also a great activity among adventure activities in Dubai. Roller coasters are so popular in Dubai and it is so exciting activity. One of the most famous adventure activities in Dubai is the Desert safari in Dubai which enables you to discover Dubai in detail and its culture. Sports events in Dubai are so exciting and a perfect option for people who love sports like tennis, horseracing, and cycling. Dubai Luxury Tours provides you with all info you might need about adventure activities in Dubai.

Adrenaline Water Activities 

The magical waters of the Arabian Gulf are amazing for a variety of watersports. 

There are a lot of exciting adventure activities in Dubai like:

  • Scuba diving for swimming enthusiasts.
  • Windsurfing.

For a high level of adrenaline, flyboarding is a new exciting activity in Dubai that consists of:

  • Water-powered jetpack attached to the feet.
  • The fly board lets the rider fly up to 22m.

Location: Hydro Water Sports, near the Ritz-Carlton Dubai hotel at Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR).

Another exciting and nearer activity to the shore is jet-skiing, it is easy to do and awesomely fun. For those who seek a challenge, wakeboarding offers a mixture of high speeds. Being pulled on a board behind a boat seems straightforward, but once you master staying upright, you can ace great moves. Parasailing also includes being pulled by a boat, but with a huge parachute-like sail strapped to you. Then you find yourself being lifted into the sky for astonishing views of Dubai’s coastline. You Laguna Waterpark at La Mer is an exciting, safer water activity in Jumeirah that includes 

  • Five water slides with high speed.
  • Different water activities that are suitable for all ages.

Dive deeply 60m underwater at the new Dubai's exciting attraction,  Deep Dive Dubai. 

Zip Lining 

Do you want to try a one-of-a-kind zip lining experience? Zip lining is one of the best adventure activities in Dubai.

  • XLine Dubai Marina is the fastest, longest zipline in the world.
  • Enjoy discovering Dubai from a height of 170m.
  • Experience the highest zipline speed of 80km/h.
  • To document the great moment, a camera would be attached to your helmet.

Skydiving Over Dubai's Landmarks 

Skydive Dubai offers several skydives for all levels, and it is an exciting activity among adventure activities in Dubai.

  • If you haven't experienced a skydive before then skydiving lessons are going to help you to take the first step.
  • If you're a professional, Skydive Dubai offers solo jumps for you.
  • Palm Jumeirah is the perfect place to have the experience because you'll be able to see the fascinating view of the island.

Roller Coasters 

Want to roll? Take the best roller coasters in Dubai for a spin at the city's theme park destinations – Dubai Parks and Resorts and IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert safari is one of the most famous adventure activities in Dubai, if you want to have an unforgettable experience in Dubai’s desert, then Platinum Heritage is your best option as it includes the following:

  • Falconry lessons.
  • Late-night astronomy sessions.
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve tour.
  • Experience a new exciting adventure through hot air balloon rides.

Sports Events in Dubai

Dubai supports a large number of sports like horse racing, golf, tennis, and rugby. Dubai attracts a lot of sports lovers as it is a center for international sporting events. One of the most famous sports events is  Al Qudra Cycling Track, it attracts a huge number of players as it involves the following:

  • A large number of cycling professionals compete with each other.
  • Bikes are available to be rented at Trek UAE.

You'll enjoy discovering Dubai's skyline, amazing views, and Dubai's landmarks on your bike.