According to the high temperature in Dubai, people avoid traveling in Summer, but they never know that Dubai has a lot of entertaining indoor activities, indoor activities in Dubai are suitable for all preferences and ages. If you want to explore Dubai and at the same time have a lot of fun in a moderate temperature indoor activities in Dubai are going to be your best option. One of the best indoor activities in Dubai is the Dubai frame which has fabulous views and interactive shows about the history of Dubai.

Another enjoyable activity is Dubai opera which has a lot of types of shows. There are a lot of museums in Dubai like Etihad Museum and Museum of the future that will enable you to explore more about the history of Dubai and the great technologies in Dubai. Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in Dubai that you’ll enjoy the most. If you like cartoon and superhero themes then IMG Worlds of Adventure is going to be your favorite place. If you like creative places and want to take a lot of memorial pictures then the Museum of Illusions would be your best option. And if you want to have a shot of adrenaline then sky views of Dubai will satisfy your needs. One of the best indoor activities in Dubai is the activities of families and kids like OliOli Children’s Museum, Caboodle, and Woo-Hoo Children’s Museum. Dubai Luxury Tours will guide you to the best indoor activities that you will enjoy the most.

With Dubai Luxury Tours you can enjoy the best indoor activities in Dubai for families and kids.

The Dubai Frame 

One of the most enjoyable indoor activities in Dubai with:

  • Fabulous views.
  • Interactive shows about Dubai’s past and present in Zabeel Park.

Dubai Opera 

It is a magnificent activity among indoor activities in Dubai.

  • Musical shows
  • Comedy shows
  • Kids shows
  • Architectural tour

Etihad Museum

It is among the best indoor activities in Dubai and focuses on Dubai’s recent history.

Museum of the Future

The most recent incredible Museum to open in Dubai focuses on the future and new technologies, you will enjoy the most, and should be at the top of your list of indoor activities in Dubai.

The View at the Palm

Indoor 360-degree view in the center of Palm Jumeirah for breath-taking city views.

La Perle

The evening show by Dragone is one of Dubai’s most attractive shows in Al Habtoor City.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

It is a huge, magnificent aquarium at Atlantis the Palm complex, it is an unforgettable experience.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is divided into sections dedicated to well-known cartoon and superhero themes like:

  • The Avengers
  • LazyTown
  • Huge dinosaurs of The Lost Valley.

It deserves to be visited, so if you cartoon themes fan it should be at the top of your list of indoor activities in Dubai.

Museum of Illusions

It is a memorial experience that you would never forget, take magnificent pictures.

Sky Views Dubai

Are you brave enough to see Dubai through glass? And slide down on glass from a high floor of a skyscraper? It is an amazing experience that will increase your adrenaline.

OliOli Children’s Museum 

It is one of the most entertaining and educational centers in Dubai, it includes:

  • Toshi’s Net 
  • School programs 


  • It is located at Dubai mall.
  • It has a lot of enjoyable games for children.
  • It has a big playing area.

Woo-Hoo Children’s Museum 

It is an interactive, entertaining, and educational center in Al Quoz with huge:

  • After-school programms
  • Summer programs