Adventurers love the desert, if you’re an adventurer then going on a desert safari is going to be a great choice. Desert safari Dubai includes a lot of interesting activities that attract a lot of tourists at affordable prices based on your budget and the activities that you like the most. Activities vary in desert safari Dubai like sand skiing for tourists who are interested in physical activities and sports. Quad biking is for those who like challenges and driving in curves and sandy lands. Sunrise catching for relaxing and stress relieving and it is the best time to relax on a desert safari in Dubai. If you want to go deep into Dubai’s culture then you should eat Dubai’s traditional dinner. Hot air balloons are for those who want a rush of adrenaline and want to see the desert from a bird-eye. Finally, a night full of surprises is waiting for you in desert safari Dubai that cannot be missed. Dubai Luxury Tours will provide you with all info that you might need before booking a desert safari tour in Dubai and tours.

There are a lot of attractive activities to do in the desert safari in Dubai. If you like going through exciting experiences and memories that you wouldn't forget, then you should go and explore the desert of Dubai.

Here are some of the attractive activities in desert safari Dubai:

Sand Boarding 

Sand skiing is a unique experience you can’t forget in desert safari Dubai, you’ll feel the smooth sand under your skis when you go down at high speed and feel the fresh, pure air. Sand skiing is a great adventure that every adventurer dreams of.

Quad Biking

Do you like challenges? Riding a quad bike on a desert safari Dubai is an amazing challenge to accept, the curves and the sandy land in the desert is an exciting experience that would enable you to:

  • Explore the desert while you’re driving your quad.
  • Challenge yourself to stay driving around the curves as long as you can.
  • Be a professional in driving a quad in the desert.
  • Take fascinating pictures.

Camel Riding

A camel is one of the main elements of Dubai's culture, riding a camel in Dubai will enable you to go deeper into Dubai’s culture, you’ll be guided to ride the camel like a pro, and it is a 45-minute ride so you will have the time to explore Dubai's desert while you're riding your huge camel.

Sunrise Catching

If you want to relax and meditate, catching the sunrise in Dubai’s desert is gonna be the best choice to relax, and here are some activities you can do while watching the sunrise:

  • Have quality time with your partner or your family.
  • Meditate and try to relieve your stress.
  • Do yoga exercises
  • Take magnificent pictures.
  • The temperature at this time is moderate, so it’s a perfect time to do physical activity and explore the desert.

Traditional Dinner

An essential part of any culture is its food. If you wanna explore Dubai's culture deeply, then you should eat Dubai’s traditional food. The traditional food of Dubai is so delicious and cooked by professionals to give you a whole amazing experience in desert safari Dubai.

Hot Air Balloon

If you want to see the desert from a bird-eye so hot air balloons would be your amazing choice, especially because balloons have the following features:

  • 360-degree view of Dubai’s amazing desert
  • 24 adults can be held in this magical balloon at the same time, so you can try it with your family.
  • You’ll be able to see every single detail in the desert in a very short time.

A night full of surprises

One night in Dubai’s desert can heal a lot of pains, it includes a lot of interesting activities like:

  • Stilt dancing was an ancient tradition in Dubai that you’ll enjoy the most.
  • Watching stars on a perfect starry night.
  • Arabian parties, dancing, and celebrations.
  • Fire eating.
  • BBQ is made to make a whole magical night.