Dubai International Airport is a huge entity that is so surprising and fascinating. It grows rapidly, it competes with other huge airports all over the world. In 2017, more than 87 million travelers used Dubai airport to move. It provides innovative infrastructure and services. The airport has a lot of unique and attractive services. Dubai International Airport has its own hotel that provides luxurious rooms and other attractive services. Smart gates are one of the competitive services in Dubai International Airport, and because of it a lot of critical problems are handled easily. Dubai International Airport offers a lot of one-of-a-kind experiences by providing a lot of services like swimming pools, cinemas, restaurants, and gyms. You might want to stay at the airport more than the determined time because of the availability of all your needs in a perfect way. Dubai Luxury Tours would provide you with all information you might need about Dubai International Airport, its services, history, and unique facilities.


Dubai International airport is the fastest-growing aviation hub in the world.

  • It even competes with the world record holder Malaysia by developing 200,000 new seats each year.
  • In 2017, more than 87 million travelers used Dubai airport to move.
  • It provides innovative infrastructure and services.
  • Coordinate connections between 260 locations worldwide.
  • Dubai International airport is a transit spot for more than 100 airlines.
  • Terminals there are fully equipped with technological facilities and laborious lounges.

Main Hub

Dubai is the main hub for Emirates, Qantas, and FlyDubai airlines.

Emirates is considered one of the best passenger airlines in the world. That’s why its main hub should have the same luxurious level of service and facilities. 

  • Terminal 3 is wholly designated for these airlines to provide a high level of comfort for their fancy passengers.
  • The Emirates business class lounge is a luxury world that is full of premium services and entertainment.
  • The class lounge has a large number of information desks to help travelers with any questions that they might have.


The airport has a five-star, luxurious hotel inside its building.

If you are tired of your long flight, then you should relax in the Dubai International hotel. 

It provides a lot of luxurious services and facilities and fancy restaurants, a swimming pool, and a conference hall. It easily gets reached as it is located at Terminal 1. Dubai International Airport hotel also offers small rooms at its Snooze Cube hotel. With a small amount of money, you could enjoy several services like 

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shower
  • Some hours of sleep

 Missing your flight is impossible because the staff is designated to wake passengers up.

Smart Gates

There are smart gates in Dubai International Airport. Coordinating passenger traffic is one of the most important tasks of any airport. 

  • Sometimes, it can become a critical problem because of cancellations, delays, or heavy air traffic.
  • Dubai International Airport has a surprising ability to handle huge problems that happen in the airport.
  • To avoid queues and time wasting The United Arab Emirates' residents can pass with their Emirates ID through smart gates allocated just for UAE residents. 


The airport provides several entertaining services. In a standard airport, you would probably be offered a basic level of service but Dubai International Airport  is a one-of-a-kind experience that you would enjoy the most  and maybe you would like to enjoy the rest of your trip at the airport because it provides all services that you might need like:

  • Swimming pools with large spaces.
  • Gyms are available to not miss your daily exercise routine.
  • Cinemas to enjoy your time with your partner or your family.
  • Fancy restaurants to have your delicious food after a long, tiring trip.