Many people visit Dubai to see Dubai Landmarks as they are famous for their luxury and magnificence, one of the most important landmarks in Dubai is Burj Khalifa as it is the tallest building in the world as it stands at a height of 828 meters so it should have been mentioned when talking about Dubai landmarks.

Another well-known landmark is Atalantis as it is a huge, astonishing hotel and a luxurious place to accommodate that has an amazing view of the ocean and the beautiful city. If you want to buy anything while you're in Dubai, Dubai mall is going to be your perfect option as it has more than 1,200 famous shops and 160 restaurants. Dubai fountain is another important landmark among Dubai landmarks as the show of the mountain is eye-catching and attractive, so it is well-known all around the world. Dubai Luxury Tours provides you will all info about Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai fountain to know your destinations well while you're visiting Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

When talking about Dubai, Burj Khalifa should have been mentioned as it is the tallest building in the world and the most fascinating one.

  • Burj Khalifa is a magnificent building that is famous for its luxury and attractive view.
  • The height of Burj Khalifa is so impressive, that it is considered to be the tallest building in the world as it stands at a height of 828 meters.
  • As it is the world's tallest building, it has the fastest elevator in the world that can take tourists to the top (the 124th floor) in less than one minute. 
  • To catch people's eye, Burj khalifa has a huge if not the hugest lighting system in the world.
  • The views from Burj Khalifa's top are astonishing, It has a fascinating view of the desert nearby the tower.
  • Materials that are used in the construction of Burj khalifa are extremely huge, the concrete's weight = 100,000 elephants. 
  • if you want to have an extraordinary experience you should visit Burj Khalifa, and walk through each part of it to explore how magnificent the details of the tower are.


Atlantis is one of the most well-known Dubai landmarks, it deserves to be checked out if you are in Dubai.

  • It is an astonishing hotel and resort that sits on a man-made island. 
  • Another attractive fact about Atlantis is that it has one of the world's most entertaining aquariums and waterparks.
  • Atlantis has a huge number of rooms that reached 1539 rooms, and 17 international restaurants 
  • Searching for a mind-blowing, luxurious place to accommodate while visiting Dubai, Atlantis is a perfect option that has an amazing view of the ocean and the beautiful city.
  • Another option to enjoy the beauty of Atlantis is to ride a speedboat around the area.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world that's why it is one of the most important Dubai landmarks.

  • It is located in the heart of Dubai.
  • Dubai mall includes more than 1,200 famous shops that you should exactly know, it has everything you might want while you're in Dubai.
  • Dubai mall has more than 160 restaurants that serve all types of food.
  • Not only has amazing shopping and dining options, but Dubai Mall also has great entertaining options like:
    • A breathtaking aquarium.
    • A great cinema complex.
    • An ice rink
    • A fabulous theme park.
  •  The Dubai Mall is close to other famous landmarks in Dubai like Burj Khalifa and  Dubai Fountain. 

The Dubai Fountain 

The Dubai Fountain is located between the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall,  in the downtown Burj Khalifa area of Dubai.

  • Dubai fountain was launched on May 8, 2009.
  • The length of the Dubai fountain is 275 meters.
  • Dubai fountain can shoot water up to 150 meters.
  • Dubai fountain has magnificent and glamorous 6,600 lights.
  • It has 25 fantastic colored projectors.
  • The fire jets of Dubai fountain can shoot water up to 50 meters.
  • The fountain show is well-known all around the world as it is eye-catching.