Traditions and culture are an essential part of any society, that's why you should know all information about Dubai's culture before visiting Dubai. Dubai is famous for some handmade crafts that you can buy as souvenirs for your friends, there are a lot of amazing arts that they're specialized in like Calligraphy, Henna, Weaving, Pottery, and Perfumery. Dubai is also famous for its delicious food like Karak chai, Gahwa, and Kabsa. Dubai focuses on sports and fitness, so there are a lot of sports types in Dubai like Water sports, Desert adventures, Motorsports, Golf, and Football. There are also a lot of festivals and celebrations like Eid,and dancing events.

Traditional Arts and Handicrafts

Local arts and handmade crafts are still commonly practiced in Dubai and around the UAE. at the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, you’ll find a lot of art examples at boutique shops, with interesting, artistic designs.

  • Calligraphy: The Arabic alphabet is the second most broadly used all over the world. This decorative way of writing is known as khatt, which is obtained from the word 'line', 'construction', or 'design'.
  • Henna: Traditionally done for brides across the region to bring great to their marriage, henna body art is still a famous beauty essential in Dubai.
  • Perfumery: The Arab world is famous for bold perfumes and many famous perfume brands blend traditional base aromas with many modern notes. Visit Al Shindagha Museum to discover all about the art of perfumery.
  • Pottery: People have been working with clay for a long time, Aside from decorative vases and perfume containers, earthen pots remain highly useful to cool down drinking water.
  • Weaving: Belts, saddles, tents, baskets, and more. The traditional weaving method known as Al Sadu used goat or sheep’s wool or camel hair to craft various essential items.

Dubai's Food

When visiting Dubai you should eat the Arabian delicious food there because it is so delicious, different and some types of it are healthy like Dates. Dubai is famous for its great restaurants and food stations.

Here are some famous meals in Dubai:

  • Camel: Served in more than one way – often served with rice or made into burgers.
  • Dates: Tasty, sweet fruit that is usually dished up with other goodies, such as nuts.
  • Fouga deyay: Grilled chicken with rice, vinegar, and Emirati spices.
  • Gahwa: Traditional Arabic coffee, usually served from a ‘dallah’ pot.
  • Harees: Boiled wheat, cooked with meat, and seasoned.
  • Kabsa: Basmati rice and meat, mixed with saffron and nutmeg and other spices.
  • Karak chai: Mixed-spice tea that originated in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Luqaimat: Sweet and syrupy dumplings, sprinkled with date syrup.
  • Shorbat adas: Delicious, delicately-spiced lentil soup.
  • Shuwaa: Slow cooked lamb, roasted nuts, raisins, and rice – also known as ouzi.

Traditional Sports

Dubai focuses on sports and fitness, so there are a lot of sports types in Dubai like:

  • Water sports
  • Desert adventures
  • Motorsports
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Rugby

Emirati heritage sports event  includes: 

  • Camel racing 
  • Equestrian sports
  • Falconry

Celebrations and Festivities

  • Dance: Visitors may be lucky to see men lined up in a row, dancing Ayyala, using thin bamboo canes, and moving in sync to follow the rhythm.
  • Eid: Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha (both usually shortened as “Eid”) are essential religious holidays in the UAE and for Muslims all over the world. On Eid, people usually meet their families and have quality time with them.
  • Music: Music has traditionally been connected with poetry, with traditions such as Al Shila and Al Wana mixing music and verse. In terms of modern music, Dubai now has a booming scene that includes both homegrown artists strumming at local cafés, and international superstars selling out arenas and concert halls across the city.