One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before visiting Dubai is what is the best and most comfortable transportation method to be used within the city. There are a lot of different ways of transportation in Dubai. But what is the most comfortable, budget-friendly, secure, and safe one?

Dubai metro is so popular among visitors and tourists in Dubai. It has a lot of stations that cover the whole emirate and its most famous landmarks to make it easier for tourists to travel in the city in a very short time at a low cost. Another method of transportation is the Dubai Bus which can be used for transportation and also exploring the huge city in just one ride because it covers a huge percentage of the city. Another popular transportation method in Dubai is the taxi as it is easy to take it from any part of the city, and it is so easy to be found but it is a little bit more expensive than other ways of transportation. The last one is Uber and Careem which is a fast and secure way to travel within the city, you might think that their cost is high, but they are budget-friendly apps.  There are a lot of ways to pay through these ways like cash, credit or debit card, and NOL cards. 

Dubai Metro 

Perhaps the most popular of the modes of public transport in Dubai.

The Dubai Metro allows passengers to travel in Dubai, the city of landmarks. Automated and driverless railway system. In Dubai, there are two metro lines have been launched: 

  • The Green Line.
  • The Red Line.

Dubai Metro has 49 stations across both lines and connects a lot of landmarks, residential, and commercial areas to make it easier for tourists to visit each part of the city. Dubai's airport has also a metro to transport visitors and tourists through Dubai.

Dubai Bus 

  • There are more than 1,500 buses to connect tourists within the city.
  • The Dubai bus is one of the most budget-friendly options among public transportation in Dubai. 
  • The RTA public buses have 119 internal lines and cover 82% of urban areas in the city including those that link to the Dubai Metro, intercity lines, and express lines, too.
  • With its vast network, air-conditioned stations for buses, and separate parts for women and families, the public bus system is a suitable way of Dubai public transportation.
  • Way of payment: NOL Card.

Dubai Taxi

Another popular public transportation method in Dubai is taxis, Dubai taxi has a lot of features like: 

  • Dubai taxis can be found in each part of the city.
  • Dubai taxi is a fast, comfortable method.
  • Taxis are more expensive than other methods of public transportation.
  • Taxis are not only for men and families but for women too, women drivers are there for women and families.
  • Mode of payment: NOL Card -  credit/debit card - cash.

Uber and Careem 

Uber and Career are famous in Dubai for their security and professionalism, they have a lot of features like:

  • Cost is displayed when requesting your ride.
  • They allow passengers to choose the suitable vehicle for them. 
  • Ways of payment: cash- credit card or rewards points.