Dubai is the city and capital of the emirate of Dubai, one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates federation, which was established in 1971 following independence from the United Kingdom. The name Dubai is the subject of various hypotheses. One believes it relates to the daba, a species of locust that inhabits the region, while another believes it alludes to a market that once stood close to the city. Dubai is frequently recognised as the Middle East's top port and in recent years has been likened to Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Bani Yas tribe (1000 to 1700s)

The first mention of Dubai was in 1095, in the Book of Geography by Abu Abdullah Al Bakri. The livelihood at the time depends on the following:

  • Fishing.
  • Boat building.
  • Pearl diving. 
  • Providing houses for traders visiting Dubai to sell textiles, gold, and spices.

 Today, these can be 1800 found in Dubai’s souks as souvenirs. 

The walled city (1832)

History shows that Dubai was a walled city in the1800s. 

  • Dubai Became a dependency in 1973.
  • The Al Fahidi Fort was established in 1973.

The following walls surrounded Dubai:

  • The wall on the Bur Dubai side extended from Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood through Al Fahidi Fort ending at the Old Souk.
  • On the Deira side, the Al Ras area was walled as well. However, in 1820, Britain negotiated a maritime truce with local rulers, meaning the trade routes would be open and business could thrive. With this began a consistent interaction with countries from around the world, making Dubai a center for crucial activity. 

Al Maktoum dynasty (1833 to 1893)

A critical year in Dubai’s history, Maktoum bin Butti settled with his people in Shindagha Peninsula, Dubai Creek in 1833. He announced the town's independence from Abu Dhabi. Since this time, Dubai has been considered a fishing village. Till now, the Al Maktoum family has ruled Dubai. Tourists can explore Dubai’s history with a walk through Dubai Creek. 

Tax exemptions (1894 to 1966)

Through Al-Maktoum leadership, a lot of changes have happened like:

  • Dubai started to develop massively In 1894.
  • Government makes it easier for tourists and expatriates by granting them tax exemptions.
  • This results in a huge increase in the number of workers and traders from foreign countries like India and Pakistan to utilize the perfect business conditions in Dubai.
  • Despite this growth period in Dubai, it was still wholly dependent on fishing, trading, and pearl diving.

The massive development (1966 to present)

After the discovery of oil, the last Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum started the development of Dubai. The city has been transformed from small houses around the creek to a huge, modern city that a lot of tourists come to visit. There are a lot of huge projects that have been established like 

  • Jebel Ali Port.
  • The widening of Dubai Creek.
  • The Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • Rashid Port.

Determination and consistency were the reason for the success of many projects in Dubai. Dubai has a surprising growth, building modern wonders such as the

  • Burj Al Arab.
  • Burj Khalifa.

Thousands of tourists visit Dubai yearly to see these huge landmarks.