Kidzania Dubai is the perfect place to go for an outing with your kids, there are simulations for most of the city’s institutions. The activities there are related to many fields like Education where kids can get deep into the system of schools and try different roles. Kids are going to try attractive roles like DJ and actors at KidZania Reel Cinemas. They are going to be able to try cooking in the internal kitchen of restaurants. They can try all the jobs of their dreams like being a doctor.

KidZania has kid versions of the following institution and activities like A hospital, Bank, Fire station, Radio, Supermarket, TV station, and Pizzeria.

These activities enable kids to explore these main activities and institutions, what are their main roles in society, and how they operate and function every day. 

From television presenters reading the news to police officers operating detective work and chefs cooking up delicious food, these activities would be introduced to them in an interactive and fun way. 

Don’t hesitate to book your ticket at Kidzania Dubai to give your kids the ability to explore the world and make them enjoy the most. Dubai Luxury Tours is here to provide you with all information about Kidzania Dubai.


The University gets children ready for higher education, allowing them to explore fields and know deeply the details of each field, get a degree in their favorite field, and earn more kidZos( the city’s currency) in the related professions within KidZania.


  • DJ Skills are an amazing way to get children to go deep into Music at the DJ Corner, which promotes craftsmanship and reasoning. 
  • Enjoy the latest movies at KidZania Reel Cinemas. 
  • There is the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania where kids can watch interesting performances and shows throughout the day
  • The Acting Academy gives children the ability to try different roles and show their talent with confidence and communicate with ease.

Food & Beverages

Just like a real city, there are many places to eat and drink in KidZania. Restaurants give children the ability to cook and see the internal kitchen, see the role of each worker there, and try his favorite role. They would be able to make their happy meal from McDonald’s or their pizza from Pizza Express. 


At Kidzania Dubai, kids will have the chance to discover a new sanitizer at Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab to prevent microbes and diseases with a group of experts and other kids.

Kids will also have the opportunity to be dentists at Appolonia Dental Clinic and have more info about how to have better oral health.


At Al Aan TV Studio children can try several roles such as floor manager, anchor, and news reporter, so at Kidzania Dubai, kids will have the opportunity to show their talent in media and other fields. 


After working hard in the city, children can buy with their KidZos on various items at Department Store using their KidZos. Visitors can enjoy a face painting service for a small extra fee, or buy souvenirs at KidZania Shop before leaving the city. 


Get your Debit Card and go to Al Hilal Bank for your KidZos Transactions as soon as you enter the city.

The service industry is the core of society. 

The Rove Hotel gives children a touch of the hospitality industry, from reservation and check-in to housekeeping! Kids can keep the city secure too with roles at Governmental services such as at the Dubai Police Station where they can enhance their skills. 


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