Tennis, squash, and badminton may be the Big Three but there are more than 30 racquet sports on club courts and playgrounds around the world.

Threatening to catch up to the acknowledged favorite is Padel's fast-growing movement.

A bit of a frenzy in the UAE it's a fun fast and energetic sport that shares elements with tennis and squash. Think of a three-quarter-sized tennis court in a hidden four-wall box like squash and then add a cordless bat as you might find in beach rackets and ball games and you more or Own it less. Central Padel Dubai is the first padel area to be opened in Dubai, it has a lot of advantages like it has seven padel playgrounds. Dubai Golf is another padel playground that you will enjoy the most and it has more than one branch. Just Padel is the largest playground in the Middle East, it has 34 courts across the city. If you’re looking for an indoor area to play padel, then Padel Point is going to be your best option. There are other padel places like Matcha, Smash, Urban Playground, and Zabeel Sports District. 

Central Padel Dubai

When it opened on March 5 it became the newest padel facility in the UAE. 

  • Seven playgrounds are available for players to be active.
  • You’ll enjoy the training with two of the world's best players Juan LeBron and Agustin Tapia.
  • It is suitable for All ages and abilities (from the top 100 players in the world) and classes for ladies, kids, and beginners.

Dubai Golf

Several courses are operated by Dubai Golf with branches located at:

  • Emirates Golf Club Dubai Creek.
  • Golf Club Jumeirah Golf Estate.
  • Dusit Thani Dubai.

Tournament calendar for members and pay and game rates for visitors.

Time: daily 7 am to 11 pm. 

Just Padel

The largest playground in the Middle East, it has 34 courts across the city.

Many are in schools but others include Kite Beach and big markets, which can be booked.

Padel Point

Claiming to be the first public indoor padel club in the UAE, it also has a shop where you can buy equipment for new hobbies.


This wouldn't be Dubai if we didn't already offer boutiques with the latest craze. Yoga and meditation studios on six outdoor courts and the cool Nette Café for you to discuss the details of the game afterward.


A lot of the time we either paddled on a canoe paddle board or along the shoreline but now you can paddle too. 

Padel isn't the only new sport-making rackets in cities. Pickle Ball is only a few decades old but is already considered a future Olympic sport and has featured Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry David, etc. Celebrity fans.

If it didn't show up in Dubai it wouldn't be a global trend would it?

Dubai already has some places to enjoy it don't be surprised to see more pop up soon.

Urban Playground

A rooftop facility at the Motor City is carving out a niche as a provider of alternative sports experiences such as baseball cages 360ball touch tennis and now Pickleball.

Zabeel Sports District

Four covered and air-conditioned pitch equipment for rent all in sports facilities near Burj Khalifa sports selfie bragging rights when done.