If you want to get the best out of your visit to Dubai, try snorkeling in Dubai. Palm Island is one of the best places where you can see thousands of colorful ocean sharks and rays under the guidance of trained experts. If you want to dive in the Arabian Gulf, Al Boom Diving is one of the leading diving centers in the UAE. The Gulf of Oman is another perfect place to snorkel and discover water creatures. Fujairah is a good place for snorkeling. It's oversized. There is a lot to see and do. Musandam Dhow is another amazing place among areas for snorkeling in Dubai. Dubai Luxury Tours is here to provide you with all info you might need about snorkeling in Dubai

Palm Island

Swim with thousands of colorful ocean sharks and rays under the guidance of trained experts. Palm Island is the largest sand island ever among areas for snorkeling in Dubai.

  • The model of the peninsula is the myth of the sunken continent "Atlantis". "Lost Chamber" ambassadors and A luxury resort with its water park ("Aquaventure") are part of Sand Island.
  • With a total water volume of 11 million liters and a depth of 10 meters the "Ambassador Lagoon" is the largest ever aquarium in the world. 
  • During your visit to the Ambassador Lagoon, You have the opportunity to observe the marine life of the Arabian Gulf up close. 
  • See fish such as grouper and sunfish as well as other species of marine diversity with the Dubai City Pass.

Al Boom Diving, the Arabian Gulf

Discover an underwater adventure in the Arabian Gulf at one of the UAE's leading dive centers. 

  • Al Boom Diving has passionate professionals eager to share with you your dream of exploring the deep seas of the UAE.
  • Courses for beginners and those looking to progress their skills.
  • Diving groups are kept small at all times ensuring that the diving experience is always safe and manageable.
  • On your undersea guided tour, you'll discover a wealth of marine life and fascinating shipwreck exploration.
  • The center also offers a one-of-a-kind shark tank diving experience in Dubai Aquariums and underwater zoos.

Gulf of Oman

Swim among the colorful marine life of the Gulf of Oman on a snorkeling adventure from Fujairah. Enjoy round-trip transportation from downtown Dubai then get an up-close look at the bay's beautiful marine life.

Snorkel At Musandam Dhow

Indoor snorkeling is cool but snorkeling in open water is a whole different experience.

  • Swim through a natural coral reef as you approach the Lime Rock ruins at Musandam Dhow (a suburb of Dubai) another perfect place for snorkeling in Dubai. 
  • This place full of shallow caves offers a unique and fascinating snorkeling experience. when you move Inside the cave you will see deep and beautiful cracks formed due to fast currents. 
  • There are much striking fish swimming below the surface. 
  • Watch angelfish snapper clownfish hammer batfish stingray major fish barracuda and a turtle or two as they swim by your side Perfect harmony.

Snorkel at Fujairah

Fujairah is a good place for snorkeling. It's oversized. There is a lot to see and do. 

  • There are several stops such as Dibba Rock Snoopy Island and Sharm Rock.
  • All the rocks are covered with soft corals attracting a lot of marine life,  It's a treat for your eyes.
  • There are Shipwrecks in the water that are home to crustaceans clownfish porcupines pufferfish parrotfish sailfish lionfish and more.
  • If it's your lucky day you'll be able to spot blacktip sharks manta rays and manta rays! Another snorkeling spot on the artificial reef is dedicated to Snorkelers attracting marine life by ensuring good coral growth in the area.
  • You'll find barracuda stingray squid cuttlefish yellowtail puffer and other reef fish. Snoopy Island is named after the famous cartoon character Snoopy in Peanuts comics. the island was Luxurious resorts and rare marine animals in freshwater.