When should I visit Dubai? It simply depends on your preferences and the activities that you are planning to do. A lot of opinions say that the best time to visit Dubai is from November to February. Dubai Luxury Tours provides you with each season’s temperatures in Dubai, to make your decisions based on actual data. Some people want to visit Dubai to attend its huge festivals. They find it amazing and a positive energy source, and there are a lot of well-known festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival, Al Marmoom Heritage Festival, Dubai International Motor Show, and Dubai Summer surprises. The best time to visit Dubai depends on the activity that you’re so excited about, so before visiting Dubai you should know all details about activities like shopping, sightseeing, desert safari, and Dubai’s theme parks. 

The best time to visit Dubai

November - February is the busiest time to visit Dubai because temperatures are charming and there are a lot of big events like the Dubai Shopping Festivals, and the Dubai World Cup. 
Temperatures range from 19°C to 30°C, the average is 25°C in November, and outdoor sightseeing is more pleasant, that’s why people prefer to visit Dubai at this time.
Winter in Dubai
Temperatures in winter are moderate and charming so this time of the year is attractive for many tourists. It is a peak time when Dubai is extremely crowded to enjoy activities and festivals in low temperatures. Usually, prices in winter are high due to the high demand. If you want a quieter atmosphere then the best time to visit Dubai is winter.

Spring in Dubai

Temperatures in spring get a little bit higher in the mornings, but in the evenings, temperatures are low so the night is gonna be suitable for outdoor activities, so the best time to visit Dubai for night lovers is Spring.

Summer in Dubai

Temperatures get much higher in summer, the day’s hours range from 11 to 12 hours.
Most tourists don't prefer visiting Dubai in Summer because of the high temperatures, so Dubai is a quiet city in Summer. You can do all activities in Dubai in Summer, But in the early mornings and late nights, so you might enjoy visiting Dubai in summer, especially because tour prices are less expensive than normal. 

Autumn in Dubai

Temperatures in Autumn are warm but not so hot, so spending your vacation in Dubai during this season is going to be a good option, especially because sea temperatures are pleasant and spending a day by the sea can refresh your soul.

Festivals in Dubai

Some people want to visit Dubai to attend huge festivals. They find it amazing and a positive energy source, so let’s take a tour of Dubai's most important festivals and their time to know the best time to visit Dubai.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping lovers would be so enthusiastic about this event because it is a shopping event that includes clothes, electronics, and jewelry with competitive deals and promotions that satisfy shopping lovers and make them want to visit the festival each year. 

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

Dubai Tourists are so curious about Dubai’s culture and history, so Dubai celebrates its great culture each year in a huge festival to show how magnificent Dubai’s culture is through handicrafts, cuisine, and music.

One of the most important elements of Dubai’s culture is camels, so in the Al Marmoom Heritage Festival a huge camel race is held each year with cash prizes and others. This festival is usually held in March.

Dubai International Motor

If you are addicted to cars and technology, then the best time to visit Dubai is November when the Dubai International Motor Show is held, and it includes the following:

  • Exclusive launches.
  • Trends in motoring.
  • Drifting demonstrations.
  • Vintage and traditional machines.
  • Test drives. 

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Surprises is usually held in July and lasts for September, so if you want to have so much fun, summer is going to be the best time to visit Dubai. Dubai Summer Surprises attracts tourists who seek activities and a high level of fun and entertainment. 

In Dubai Summer Surprises there are a lot of activities that we summarized in the following points:

  • Family activities.
  • Shopping competitions.
  • Entertaining performance.
  • Great deals and promotions.
  • Children's activities.

Activities to do in Dubai with the best times to do them

There are a huge number of exciting activities to do in Dubai, but you should pick a perfect time to do each activity here are the most famous activities with their perfect times.


If you’re a shopping lover, then the best time to visit Dubai is January because the Dubai Shopping Festival is held in January and it includes fascinating offers and promotions that cannot be missed.


If you’re interested in visiting the most important landmarks of Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Ain Dubai Ferris, and Dubai Fountain, then the best time to visit Dubai to sightsee is November because of the moderate temperatures that make it easier for tourists to take tours and visit the most important landmarks in Dubai.

Desert safari in Dubai

If you are excited about a safari in Dubai then The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March. The weather is charming in the afternoons, and Nights are not cold. So it is very perfect weather for Safari.

Dubai’s theme parks

Dubai’s theme parks and waterparks are an enjoyable activity, the best time to visit Dubai is July and to avoid the high temperatures of July, theme parks are provided with air-conditions and plenty of shade. July is the off-peak season so you would avoid expensive prices and crowds.